New Year's Eve

I was a totally different person on New Years Eve last year. I was virtually homeless, living in a sublet and being rejected for every apartment I applied to (because my salary was too low). I hated my job and in some strange retaliation at the system, turned into a taciturn, hard-to-work-with employee. I was lonely, so I put up an ad on Craigslist for pen pals and started an email exchange with a therapist in Florida. Every night after binge watching “Sherlock” and eating microwave meals in my cramped Chelsea sublet, I would cry myself to sleep.

That year I was invited to a New Years Eve party at a friends apartment. Someone asked if I had any resolutions.

“Job, apartment, boyfriend,” I said, stealing a line from “Sex in the City,” that states that every girl in New York is looking for a “job, apartment or boyfriend at any given moment.” My friends laughed at my naive willpower.

“I need all three,” I said. “so there you go.”

Those were extreme resolutions, but all of them came true. In February I finally moved to a comfortable spot in Washington Heights. In April I switched jobs and happily returned my de-raling career back to it’s tracks. In July Bo and I had our first date at the Hungarian Pastry Shop.

Weirder than getting everything I wanted was finding out that Bo and I were in the same place at the same time on New Years Eve last year -- months before we’d ever meet. We were in the same building: I was at a party on the 3rd floor, he was at a party in the Penthouse, same evening, same time, floors apart. So as I was on the third floor whining about being lonely and wanting a boyfriend, the man I would meet was right above me.

Most people have the same reaction to this story:

“That’s fate,” they say.

“I don’t believe in fate, but yes, it is weird that we were in the same place at the same time,” I say. I often wonder if we passed each other in the lobby, or rode the elevator together?

[To note: We had a much quieter New Years Eve this year. Bo and I stayed in and drank champagne. We watched the ball drop from the couch, and he cooked a chicken in beet sauce. I know I skipped a Christmas post, but it's coming. ]

If you would have told me that in 2014 I would get everything I wanted, I would roll my eyes at you. As 2015 begins I’m reminded that I should never give up, always dream big, forget the naysayers (including myself, the biggest naysayer of them all). The things I want could just be a few months out of reach and a few floors up. That’s just close enough to keep reaching.